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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


-Today's guest speaker, Royal F. Berg, Esq.
-Ancestor paper/Book Review due no later than November 24, 2009 at 6:45 p.m. via email or hard copy to my departmental mailbox. There will not be class on November 24, 2009. Papers received after 11/24/09 at 6:45 p.m., will be graded minus a one grade penalty, ie. "A" papers will receive a "B."

Summary of Mr. Berg's talk:
-Broadview ICE Detention Facility and the prayer vigil every Friday.

-The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Posner, Justice Stevens, and Mr. Berg's precedent-setting cases before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals;

-The need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform or "CIR":
-1k are being deported daily, 360K annually;

-Discussion of the Dream Act, UIC honor student Rigo Padilla, and his deportation in Chicago.

-ICE Raids, Detention Policies and Heath Care of immigrants in detention. Deaths of immigrants while in Detention. "Justice Ignored?";
-Televideo hearings at the immigration court, its shortcomings
-Detention facilities in Illinois: McHenry, Broadview and others.

Major Laws Affecting Immigrants & Court Stripping Provisions
-the 1996 law, IIRAIRA, 212(a)(9)(c) and 241(a)(5)
-Retroactivity of immigration laws. [Why? Remember: Immigration laws are civil in nature--even though they affect liberty interests]!
the Definition of "AG" or Aggravated Felony [note our discussion on 101(a)(43)a few weeks ago]
Immigration "Retrictionists"
-Lou Dobbs
-Dan Stein & F.A.I.R.

The "Benefit" Branch of DHS: USCIS
-60% fewer naturalization or "citizenship" applications. Fee is over $600 today. Intially the fee was $00.00!

-the importance of "getting involved" in immigration issues...

--Mr. Berg's involvement with the immigrant's list,


Nicole said in her blog entry:

"Here is the link for's free trial. It has helped me clear up some--but not all--of the questions I have about my personal immigration history.

Hope it assists all of you as well!"


Anonymous said...

This is an article discussing FAIR in Alaska just to expand on what Mr. Berg told us about the organization.

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